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Chat With The Lord Of Metallic Darkness Ola Englund

Ola Englund has grown to become one of the more known players of metal and yet he has only been in Six Feet Under for about a year (and just recently joined The Haunted). Ola's start was with his band Feared and through posting videos directly onto YouTube that made people go "daaaammmnnn that sounds awesome!" Between a combination of brutal skills, great tone and treating each fan like they were a personal friend, Ola's reputation has grown to a height that must border on absurdity for someone who used to be an accountant. We decided to sit down with him and talk about the important issues.


What's your favorite beer?

The one in my hand or the one closest to my hand! Seriously I just drink whatever I can get. I enjoy lagers the most, when I go to the general store to pickup beer I usually buy Stella Artois or Heiniken because that's what they have there. Or if I want to cheap out for real there is a beer called Sofiero.

Do you tune by ear or use a tuner?

Both, if I have a tuner, I use the tuner. If I don't have a tuner, I'll use my ears.


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