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New Service Makes All Musicians Session Musicians

Nowadays it’s too hard for the average musician to make a living, having to work for drinks or gig money that barely cover gas. Beathaven is a new service that seeks to give every musician around the world a chance to be a session player. Collaborate with professionals, play on pro tracks, earn sessions fees and download revenue for great parts. Network with respected industry players and producers looking for new material. Instead of searching for elusive opportunities in the music industry the Beathaven service brings the industry to you and changes the concept of what a band can be. 

Browse through the tracks until you find one that you think you could really add something to and then download and do your best. Upload the completed track and if it’s mind blowing you’ll receive either a session fee or a revenue share for downloads of the tracks you play on. You’ll also be connected to a network of professional contacts and opportunities. 


This is the way collaboration should have always been.

You can join the jam here:



The Decline Of Love In Country Music

Country music has been under a lot of criticism recently for becoming too similar to itself and too oriented around cookie cutter themes (which it has always been accused of but even more so recently). Popular country music almost always contains one of a couple central themes, including drinking, country life and any sort of terms that refer to a woman. So we thought it would be a good time to look at some common country themes and how often they appear in each song. For this experiment, we took 10 chart topping songs from each year at random between 1990 and 2015 and counted up all of certain word themes. Here's what we found out:

The word 'love' is appearing less and less over the years and is being replaced by the words 'girl' and 'baby'.



Zildjian The Oldest Company In The Music Industry

If you play drums or have ever played with a drummer, you've seen the name Zildjian on those big golden things that make a crashing sound. How old is this company? It was founded over 400 years ago in Istanbul Turkey, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire! The original founder was an alchemist who was trying to make gold but instead created cymbals, that were musical and became quite valuable. Since then the company has stretched into a virtual family corporate dynasty, leaving a lasting impact on the whole musical instrument industry and pushing along the art of artist relations. 

Originally the cymbals weren't used as part of a 5-piece drum kit, but for various forms of music using hand cymbals. They were also used in battle, with smashing cymbals and tens of thousands of Jannisaries marching towards you, your nerves may just give out. In the early 1900's they started also manufacturing in the United States. 

Not only is Zildjian the oldest musical instrument company but it's also said to be the oldest family owned business in America and continues to be run by descendants of the founder. 

A Primer Choosing A Guitar Pickup For Beginners

Guitar pickups are one of the most important parts of your tone and there are literally hundreds of options available from different companies. In the following article we look at the possibilities and the challenges that await you.

1) First off, identify what type of guitar pickups you have.

Active: Such as EMG or Seymour Duncan Blackouts Guitar Pickups. You can easily change these out with another active pickup from either brand, but changing to passive will require a little more work and you will need 500K potentiometer and new jack.




Passive Humbucker: The humbucker is the most common pickup type out there. It was developed by Gibson and you can get almost any kind of tone out of it.



Single Coil (Strat or Tele): Single coil pickups have a very particular tone. In a Tele they produce a lot of Twang and can be either dark or screaming with output. Same goes for a Strat. The one setback for single-coils has been the hum, you certainly don't want to pickup your refrigrator or power lines as well as your guitar. There are many options like the stacked design from Seymour Duncan or humbuckers in a single-coil size.



P90: They have been described as somewhere between a single-coil and a humbucker, rude with an airy tone. Keep in mind there are two different sizes of P90: Soapbar and Dog Ear. 




Mini-Humbuckers: mini humbuckers were popularly featured on the Firebird but now you may can find them on some Strats and Teles. Their tone is somewhere between a P90 and a humbucker. They aren't quite as raw as a P90 but have plenty of brightness and are quite a bit fatter than single-coils.


Once you have identified the type of pickup you want, the next thing you need to do is figure out what kind of tone you want. It helps to identify the exact qualities you want but if you just want to emulate an artists sound you can search on Google to see what pickups they used. Otherwise please see what terms on the below list apply to you:



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