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History Of The World

First humans learn how to rock:


Uruk (pronounced U-Rock) founded as world's first band:


Babylon makes hit record:



Zoroaster has hit record titled "Divine Truth":


The band Persia gets into epic fight with heavy metal band Sparta:


Buddha becomes hit sensation:


Alexander The Great conquers the charts with his Macdeonian prog rock:


Julius Caesar is knifed at a show in Rome after playing 27 minutes straight arpeggios:



Jesus Christ goes triple platinum:


Islam has hit record, goes Triple Platinum:


First death metal band, Genghis Khan, tours asia:




East and West conduct numerous Battle of The Bands:



The band Persia makes a comeback with hit single "Constantinople":


America sues England records over contract and wins:


Civil War breaks with people divided into two sides: Gibson or Fender


Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's invade the airways with their hit single "Blitzkrieg": 



Public resistance to the Germanic metal leads to their record contract being cancelled in 1944: