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Chat With The Lord Of Metallic Darkness Ola Englund

Ola Englund has grown to become one of the more known players of metal and yet he has only been in Six Feet Under for about a year (and just recently joined The Haunted). Ola's start was with his band Feared and through posting videos directly onto YouTube that made people go "daaaammmnnn that sounds awesome!" Between a combination of brutal skills, great tone and treating each fan like they were a personal friend, Ola's reputation has grown to a height that must border on absurdity for someone who used to be an accountant. We decided to sit down with him and talk about the important issues.


What's your favorite beer?

The one in my hand or the one closest to my hand! Seriously I just drink whatever I can get. I enjoy lagers the most, when I go to the general store to pickup beer I usually buy Stella Artois or Heiniken because that's what they have there. Or if I want to cheap out for real there is a beer called Sofiero.

Do you tune by ear or use a tuner?

Both, if I have a tuner, I use the tuner. If I don't have a tuner, I'll use my ears.


Do you have a Facebook stalker? Anyone ever randomly called you and wanted to talk with you?

I have stalkers, but I don't see them as stalkers really. I see a stalker as someone sending you voice messages with them moaning or sending creepy coded messages using cut out letters from magazines and newspapers.  The stalkers I have are general fans with questions. AND since I'm also a fan with questions, I'd like to answer them as I would've liked to be answered if I was mailing one of my idols or heroes. Haters for that matter, that I DO have, but I still love them as much as my stalkers.

How did you come to be in the Haunted? Has there been any discussion on when the album and tour will start?

About the same way as I got to join Six Feet Under. The other guitar player Jensen watched a couple of my videos and wanted me in the band. We're currently writing the album, and the album IS priority one. 2014 will be the year of The Haunted.

Whose a better cuddler, Keith Merrow or Jeff Hughell?

I would say that they both have their qualities. Jeff has "the" beard. You can just get in there and sleep like a baby for days. Jeff is one of the most loving and chilled out persons I know. So easy to hang with and his gangsta walk is one of the best I've seen. I still practice my gangsta walk when we meet up and he tries to help me, but I think I have to much blonde in me to be gangsta.

I see Keith as my other half. We are almost freakily alike, we share a lot of the same interest and taste in music, also our history is about the same really. We're both dealing with the same kind of people right now and it's so nice to have someone that understands what you're talking about and we laugh and joke about the same things. People think that there is a competition between us two but it's just the total opposite. I'm the biggest Keith fan there is. His videos and music just makes me want to step up my game every time. He's a constant inspiration and I'm so fortunate to be able to call him one of my best friends. Even if we are an ocean apart.

If you could be in a supergroup with two other artists, who would it be?

I'm going to dream big here, Chris Cornell and Phil Anselmo. Why? Chris Cornell has one of the most broken voices I've ever heard. And I mean that in a good way! Phil? For the same reason. I'm a grungy guy I love broken voices haha...

How's the weather in Sweden?

it's like Ying and Yang really. The only problem is that Yang(the winter) is about 8 months a year. I mean snow is beautiful, but not after a while when it has turned into a grey pile of shit all over the roads. The summers in Sweden are unbeatable. The weather is perfect, the days are longer, it never gets completely dark at nights. It's like a pay day for having endured a long winter. If anyone wants to visit Sweden then do so june-august. Also the beer taste better for some reason!

As someone who has experience raising a kid while being a heavy metal star, how do you balance these things?

I think the key is to have a partner that fully supports what you do. There are hardships for both of us but we manage. When I'm on tour we get help from grandparents so my wife doesnt feel that she's doing everything on her own. For me being away from them is the hardest part of it all, but thanks to Skype we can still talk and interact while I'm gone. Before a tour I always tell my son that I'm going on the airplane and will be gone for a while. He totally understands and while I'm gone, he usually carries a toy plane with him, telling everyone that his dad is in there. When I'm back I spend every living  minute with my son. He's the coolest guy I know!



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